Flying For Good  was created to share stories of the people of aviation who use flying to  help those in need; shining a light on some of the small to medium-sized aviation nonprofits that don’t always get as much attention as the bigger and better known groups.  Here you’ll find short features on how these organizations began and who they serve.  And you’ll find profiles of some of the pilots who give of their time to serve the people helped by these organizations.

Flying For Good is not a clearinghouse of information, or a listing of all aviation nonprofits. And there will always be good ideas on different organizations to feature. So, over time you can expect to see new content being added and I hope you’ll excuse any omissions. Most of all, if you’re inspired to contribute your time or dollars to any of the worthy organizations you find here, just follow the links and you’ll be glad you did.

For nearly 20 years I was an aviation writer and photographer, and that allowed me to meet many pilots who have found a way to generously share their special skills in the service of those less fortunate. Their examples have inspired and encouraged me to find my own way to use the gift of flight to change lives. In 2006 I  founded Able Flight, a nonprofit that provides flight training scholarships for people with physical disabilities.- Charles Stites