Veterans Airlift Command

“They’ve got heart, they need wings.”

Of all the struggles wounded veterans face upon returning home, the least should be how to stay in touch with family when they must travel  for medical treatment. And that’s why Walt Fricke founded Veterans Airlift Command.

A wounded  warrior  and active pilot himself, Walt knew that other pilots would rally around the cause of providing  medical and compassionate flights for  wounded veterans and their families. With Fricke providing flight coordination through phone and website contact, over 1700 volunteer pilots have flown service members and their families throughout the country. Currently VAC’s priority is serving veterans of Iraqi Freedom and Enduring Freedom (Afghanistan).

In a fitting tribute to those who have served and sacrificed, Veterans Airlift Command flights are now recognized with the call sign “Hero Flight” by Air Traffic Control.

To learn more about the work of Walt Fricke and his organization, visit Veterans Airlift Command.